White...and some black too

Ahhh I would love to have breakfast here!

This nordic house is typically white, but

has also some black touches. Like this tub! I love the Carpe Diem script upon it!

Have a nice week end my dearests!

Full Bloom Cottage

Full Bloom Cottage is a on line shop specialised in antique French furnishing.

Loretta, the owner, also has a beautiful blog

When I found her blog and shop, I was sighing all the time because of the wonderful images!

These images are just what I need now! A little bit of eye candy!
 We are running to finish some big works at my new house, so hopefully next week we will go on holiday!

I really need a vacation! My head is so full of projects, home decor ideas and many other stuff that I don't even know if what I've already chosen for my house is the right choice!

So I think that a little break is just what I need! No projects, no ideas and absolutely nothing apart from rest! Yes! That's what I want!

Summer Dreams

credits: 1, 2, 3, 4

The Books Cafe'

Morning Ladies!
Here we are for the second Books Cafè!

I've told you the theme is "Summer Reading". So you can talk about a book you've read last summer, or a book you want to suggest to someone who's packing her/his luggages for holidays or a book you've read during a very special summer.

I will talk about a book very special to me. I've read it during Summer 2008. At that time I was 4 months pregnant...yes just at the beginning. Me and little Sofia (well at that time I didn't know she was a girl...I used to call her "French bean") had just got over a critic period and went to the mountains for rest.

The book I read in August 2008 was "The Orange Girl" by Jostein Gaarder.
"La ragazza delle arance" di Jostein Gaarder, for my italian friends.

Jostein Gaarder is one of my fave writers!
"The Orange Girl" is a book about a fifteen years old boy, Greg, who discovers a letter from his father who is passed away when he was too little to have memories of him.

In this letter the father tells Greg the magical love story between him and "The Orange Girl". How he felt in love with a girl who was carring a bag of oranges in a cold day of autumn in Oslo, Norway. How he tried to found out more about her and how they incredibly met in Sevilla, Spain.

Thanks to this letter Greg learns to know his father and also his origins.
But this letter, written by a man who knows he is about to die and leave a son alone in the world, is also an incredibly concentrate of love for life.
With this letter Greg's father wants to teach his son how to live with joy every day, how to be always curious of the world, how to understand that life is a misterious gift so full of opportunities...


I couldn't read a better book while I was expecting! When I finished it I promised to myself: I want to teach to my little French Bean that life is wonderful ....with its successes and mistakes....
.... that our world is a mistery that we have never ever stop to try to understand!


 1. Link up a post of yours talking about a book with the theme "Summer Reading". You can talk about a book you've read last summer, or a book you want to suggest to someone who's packing her/his luggages for holidays or a book you've read during a very special summer.

2. Post can be in english or italian;

3. Link back in to this Books Cafè post, so that people can find out this little books friends corner!

Afternoon by the pool...

What can you do on a hot summer afternoon? When you ate every single movement because it makes you sweat, but your baby is so full of energy (how can she???) that is running up and down the house and just cannot stay quite?

Simple: relax by the pool!

Well, unfortunately I DON'T have such a wonderful swimming pool.
So yesterday I placed Sofia' s little plastic swimming pool in the terrace
and spent the afternoon watching her enojoying playing with the water!

Of course it ended up I was completely wet as well, but we had fun and refreshed a little bit!

Summer Dreams

credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Have a nice new week!

Who's the lucky winner?

Here we are! Time to reveal who won the fantastic pair of earrings from Dream Shabby Chic Atelier!

And the winner is....

Are you curious?

Eleonora at Le Coccole Creative!

So, can you believe it?! Eleonora lives very near to me!!!

Also she is about to get the degree in Marketing and Communications....which is my same degree!

So it's true what someone once said: the world is just a little village!

Have a fantastic week end my dearests!

I need some fresh air! - and award thanks -

It's HOT.

I'm melting....

In Italy is so hot now, that you can't even go out. Well maybe there are some brave people out there, but I have no intentions to be one of them.
In the morning when I wake up I open the windows and...
.... I can't breathe because of all the humidity.

Thanks God someone invented air conditioning.
When I'm in the office or at home I'm safe.

But I feel so exhausted, I just need some fresh air,
I need to go to my mountains where at night you're even cold!
(what a fantastic feeling!!!)

In a couple of weeks we will be there, but we need to finish some works at the new house before.

I don't know if it's the hot, the work at the office, the works at the new home, my baby asking for more and more attentions, but I really need a holiday. I desperately need a holiday!
Also, you don't see me around so often lately, I'm sorry ladies, I ve to apoligize, I'm reallly sorry!

I appreciate every single comment and love when you leave a sign of your passage on my blog! I'm trying to catch up with all of you, but time seems never enough!

Also I have to thank 3 amazing blogging friends who has passed me this award:

They are:

Sweet Annamaria at Di Bianco e D'Azzurro

Lovely Paola at Cream and Cosy

They are all great italian blogging friends of mine! I love them all!!! They are so creative and passionate about their homes and lifes! Do pop by them...you will discover 3 amazing ladies...if you don't know them already! ;)

I want to pass this award to all of you, dear followers, to the old ones and to the new ones to say "Welcome Friends"!

In her award post Francesca posted some pictures from the tv serie "Charmed". I loved the idea  and I want too to post about a "bewitched house":

This is Samantha's cottage from "Bewitched The Movie".

It's very romantic and shabby chic style!

Love that chair in the back!

Samatha's amazing kitchen!

Tea in the patio!

Love this big fireplace!

Finally, today is the last day to enter my giveaway!
You have still time!

Swedish classics

I've found these images in this beautiful blog and want to share them with you.

This is the house of Loi Thai, owner of Tone And Tone

It's so charmig! and I adore the white and the natural colours palette used!

Now a quick note: I've decided to host the next Books Cafè Event on July 23rd. I would like to dedicate it to Summer Reading.

Let me explain better....

...which book has been your fav summer reading?

Which one would you like to suggest to someone who is packing her/his suitcases for summer holidays?

Or, which book has travelled with you during your most amazing summer holiday?

If you love books...let us see on July 23rd at the Books Cafè!