I love books...and you?

I love to read. I've always one or two books on my bedside table and just cannot sleep if I don't read a little while before.

Also I'm a bookaholic...Yes a sort of shopaholic, but related to books. I don't feel I've spent a good day shopping, if I don't enter a bookshop and buy maybe just one book.

In many of your wonderful blogs I've seen that you also, dear friends, have a love for books and reading. And sometimes you dedicate a post to a book that really captured you...

So I was thinking that it could be nice to share the books we have read and that we have loved most.

Maybe giving some advices and suggesting some titles, or just talking about the book we are reading... Find a place where sharing tips and talk about books (maybe with a good cup of tea, and some chocolate too!!! eheheh!).

Yes a sort of book club. What do you think? I would love to call it:


In my mind I was thinking about using Linky Tools to create a sort of link party.

 So, how will it work?

I would held this book club on my blog every two Fridays or just one time a month (what do you think it's better?).

All you have to do, is link up a post of yours about a book you have read and have loved, to my Books Cafè post to partecipate to this event.

You cant talk about whatever book you want, I just want you to consider it a little corner where friends have fun sharing some info about the books you are reading or have read and enjoyed. Also you can write in English or Italian, as you like. I think that talking about books, is a funny way to make new friends and discover common interests!

So on Friday July 2nd I will post about the book I've just read and enjoyed.
If you fancy this idea, you can link up with a post of yours and talk about a book too.

I don't know if you will like this idea, please let me know what do you think about it! =) If you like it, I would love to create a theme for each Books Cafè Event: drama, comedy, the most funny book I've read, the most romantic book I've read and so on.

So, please, let me know your opinion, I will be very grateful!!

* photos by me - sorry for the poor quality, but I think that my camera is going to leave me, sigh!

Summer Dreams

Last week it was a very busy week and I had less time then usual for blogging. But my mind was working very fast and I have had a couple of ideas for my blog.


As I love all the seasons for many different ways and love to find beauty in every little thing, I have decided to dedicate the Monday post to the current season with pictures and words.
So now we are in the summer period:

Tomorrow I will post about my second idea..I just hope you like it!
Have a great new week!

*photo credits: here

A farmhouse cottage in Cornwall

I've travelled all around Cornwall, alone, a summer of some years ago. Beautiful little cottages, amazing coastal scenery and delightful little villages...
...and wind... so much wind!!!

At that time I was a student travelling on a budget, but  how wonderful would be to stay in this lovely farmhouse cottage in the lush Ruthern Valley?

Look closely to the next image...

How lovely to have such a view over the sink!!! And if you don't have it, why not painting it? Yes it's a trompe l'oeil!! Love it!

The living room is so English-country-style-ish!

And the bedrooms so cosy!

But wait, a cat in the bathroom??? Eh Eh Eh! =)
You got it! It's another trompe l'oeil!!!

Have a Happy Sunday, my dearests!

Flea Market touch

Hello ladies! I'm having a very busy week and I haven't so much time for blogging, I'm sorry. But I've stumpled upon these images and just want to share them with you.

I love the way flea market finds are used in this house...

...I think that the owner has a great sense of style...

...and I would love to be able to create such a comfy, stilish atmosphere!!

Flea market treasures can give a caracter to a house, do you know what I mean?

But you must have a great taste and be able to combine them with the forniture in the right way to get the "Wow effect".

As for me, I don't know if I will ever be able to create something like that...in the meantime I just look at these pictures and dream...

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

Today is the first day of summer!!!

Oh, I know, not for all of us, for my Australian and NZ friends is the first day of winter! but don't be so sure that here in Italy is a hot summer day, today....no, not at all, it's a grey, cold, rainy, first day of summer (well, at least in Padova, where I live)!!!!!

But I feel the need to celebrate the season of holiday, outdoor dining, walks in the wood, fragant flowers, bycicle rides, village festivals, music festivals, beach and sand, children playing all day long...

And you, what comes into your mind, when you think about summer?

Oh, I have this song in my mind today, it doesn't want to go away! I know it's not a happy song, but probably I can't stop singing it because it's a grey day!

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy

Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high

Oh! Your Daddy's rich and your Ma is good lookin'

So, hush little baby, don't you cry . . ."

Bathroom troubles...and a winning!!!!

I'm choosing the bathroom suite. As you know I've already chosen the tiles and the colours of my bathrooms (one will be ochre and the other one cream and pale blue), and it was a VERY difficult choice.

Now it's the time of the bathroom suite and forniture...

Oh girls I'm again in troubles!!!

The fact is that the bathrooms are very difficult to design, because if you don't like the bathroom suite anymore (maybe after some years),
it's not so easy to change them.
So I'm really frightened to make errors or to choose something that I won't like in the near future, or that looks great in the shop, but horribly in my bathroom!

(Have you seen that big shower in the picture above? It's just like the one I've chosen!)


 So I have lots of idea in my mind and have seen a lot of things I like. The difficult is chosing the correct one!

I will tell you when I finally will get this hard ;) decision!!!!

Before leaving you for the week end, I've to say a big thank you to

Kerri at Driftwood Interiors

because I've won her fantastic giveaway!!!!

And what it is? An awesome painting made by Kerri!!!
Oh, I'm so happy!!!! It will look great in my new home!!!

Kerri is a very talented artist, she makes extraordinary painting!!! She also has recently renovated her kitchen, all by herself!!!!




It's an amazing job!!!! That's what I call a before/after!!!!

You can read how she did it here!

I love Kerri's blog! We've met time ago when our blogs where featured together by lovely Brenda at her Cozy Little House!

Please take the time to pop by and say hello to Kerri, you will be amazed by her works and her brilliant kitchen renovation!

Have a great week end, my dearests!!!

Kids Room Ideas

I would like to create a cozy room for Sofia. A room where she can play, relax and, when she will be older, studying and playing with friends.

A bedroom is for every child her/his own world...

It's her/his first private place...

...a place where playing, reading, drawing, inventing exciting stories along with all her/his best friends: toys and teddy bears! 

You know I love white,

but for my daughter's room I think I will use a lot of colours!

Thinking about Sofia's new bedroom I started thinking about my childhood bedroom...Oh It was surely my little world! I slept with my sisiter until the age of 11 and then got my very own room. But I remember that my sister and I had different little places inside the same room just for ourselves.  And what about you, do you rembember your old childhood bedroom?

Works are going on...

So, this is my house! I know I've already posted it, but, just i case you have missed it...here it is!
In YELLOW there is the part that we are renovating and
in RED the brand new wing.
The other part of the house is my parents' house.

Finally I can show you some pictures, because all the scaffolds have been removed!!! This is my living room! And they are my husband (in his working outfit) and Sofia!

Again my living room... in this corner there will be the fireplace. Thanks to a system of heath canalization, we will be able to use the fireplace also for heating the bedrooms.

This is the kitchen. You can see the tube for the wood stove, on your left. And that door takes directly to the garden. We will create a patio just outside the kitchen!

And this is our tiny vegetable garden!!! Because of the works this year we will have a little harvest! Salad, tomatoes, zucchini, string beans, that's all...
 Every year in August we made tomato souce with our own tomatoes, but I'm not sure this year we will have enough tomatoes... Well, next year we will have more space for our vegetable garden! I'm already thinking about a little fence to separate it from the rest of the garden and how to decorate it with flowers!

Have a lovely Monday!

*photos by me*