Flea Market Style

As I want to go to a big Flea Market near where I live in a couple of weeks, I'm looking for inspirations and have found these pictures I want to share with you. Here are some old things re-invented:

The od bird cage re-invented as cake display is amazing!

And I love the old watches o the wall!

All images from:  http://www.bhg.com/ 

News from my house

Yesterday we went to my parents to have lunch together and look at the work in progress of our new house. The foundations are done, now it's time to begin to build! It's so incredible, we started just 2 weeks ago and now I become to see how my home will be!!!

The foundations done!

On the back there are my father with Sofia and my husband.
This is where my kitchen will be:

Spring is finally arrived in Italy! Yesterday it was a fantastic sunny Sunday! And in my parents' garden a lot of flowers are in bloom!

... and that's Sofia, wandering around in my parents' garden.

Have a great week!!!

Anyone for a cup of tea?

A great passion of mine is TEA. I love tea: black, green, white and in any moment of the day! With a good cupa in my hand I instantly feel relaxed and serene (even now that I'm writting I'm sipping tea!!!).

When I was in England I discovered CREAM TEA, and it was love at the first bite!!!! The English afternoon tea is a very treat: pastries, scones, clotted cream and jam. YUMMY! Well I've put on 3 kilos in eating cream teas while I was in Devon...without regrets! I would do exactly the same if I could come back and live there for a while!

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can still find old fashionable tea rooms and I've found these fotos I want to share with you:

I really would like to sit down in one of these chairs and sip a good cup of tea, maybe looking at the menu on an old glass...

with a nice tea cup...

and, of course, ordering some delights...

Look closely at this last image...

Yes!!! They are knitted!!! Aren't they cute?

Images 1-6: 1st Option
Images 7, 8, 10: All abou you

Just another quick, but IMPORTANT note: Maria at Dreamy Whites has a fabulous GIVEAWAY on her blog!!! Generous interior designer ANNETTE TATUM is offering a queen duvets valued at $253.00 from her catalogue.

The lucky winner gets to pick the design of her choice! That's amazing!!! So, hurry up and go to Dreamy Whites to discover how to win! Good luck! And have a nice week end!

Gorgeous Lady - Gorgeous House!

I've started blogging one month and a half ago to keep a diary about the construction of my house and all the inspirations I find everywhere to make it a cosy place. I really had no idea of what kind of UNIVERSE full of amazing people is the blogosphera

It's incredible of how many fantastic and creative ladies I've found here. I think that blogging is an amazing way of sharing ideas, tips, develop one's talent and make friends from all over the world.   
One of the very first person I've met, is sweet Tina from Rubies Place. I was just struggling to give my blog a decent design while I received her first comment. Her kind words made my day!!!
She is a super-nice and talented mum from Australia and has renovated her home in a gorgeous style. I've asked her the permission of showing the results of her hard work and here it is.

The Living Room:

The kitchen (which is my favourite!!!):

I love the old fireplace re-invented and the seat under the window!

This is an idea: a board on the wall! I want it in my kitchen too!

Please note the old sewing machine in the hallway...

All images courtnesy of Rubies Place.

So, go and make Tina a visit at Rubies Place. She is always happy to read and respond to comments!

English country cottages

A couples of years ago I've lived for several months in UK, Devonshire to be exact. I was working from Monday to Friday and exploring the region during the week end! It has been one of the most happy period of my life and I've lost a piece of my heart in Devon! First of all I was in love with the fantastic green country and the beautiful straw roofed traditional cottages. One of my fave pastimes was to catch the train or the bus and visit the little villages all aound the moor (Dartmoor). This sweet villages was monstly composed by: a church, some pubs, a handful of shops and these cute little cottages. 
Here're some pictures:

I've always thought that these cottages look like fairy houses!

Very often the inside is renovated, so you can find fantastic interiors:

Or renovations that leave ontouched the original structure. This bedroom is amazing...

Images from CountryLiving, HousetoHome and Google

At that time I was not yet passed to digital fotos. Well, I LOVE my old Canon and LOVE to take photos ...in the old way!!!! (I worked as photographer for a couple of years). It took me A LOT to buy my first digital camera (it happened only in 2007!!!!). So I have tons of pictures, but I have to pass them in digital format and I need time....rare stuff. But I promise I will do it..someday, somehow!

A nice on-line boutique

I've found this really nice on line boutique, Ett hus i vitt. The owner is Annette, a sweet svedish lady who  also has a beautiful blog. The shop is a little white wonderland full of home accessories, ceramics, bags, textiles and many many other things!
As I'm always looking for decorative things for my new house, I've found here lots of inspirations! 

All images from: http://www.etthusivitt.se/