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Morning Ladies!
Here we are for the second Books Cafè!

I've told you the theme is "Summer Reading". So you can talk about a book you've read last summer, or a book you want to suggest to someone who's packing her/his luggages for holidays or a book you've read during a very special summer.

I will talk about a book very special to me. I've read it during Summer 2008. At that time I was 4 months pregnant...yes just at the beginning. Me and little Sofia (well at that time I didn't know she was a girl...I used to call her "French bean") had just got over a critic period and went to the mountains for rest.

The book I read in August 2008 was "The Orange Girl" by Jostein Gaarder.
"La ragazza delle arance" di Jostein Gaarder, for my italian friends.

Jostein Gaarder is one of my fave writers!
"The Orange Girl" is a book about a fifteen years old boy, Greg, who discovers a letter from his father who is passed away when he was too little to have memories of him.

In this letter the father tells Greg the magical love story between him and "The Orange Girl". How he felt in love with a girl who was carring a bag of oranges in a cold day of autumn in Oslo, Norway. How he tried to found out more about her and how they incredibly met in Sevilla, Spain.

Thanks to this letter Greg learns to know his father and also his origins.
But this letter, written by a man who knows he is about to die and leave a son alone in the world, is also an incredibly concentrate of love for life.
With this letter Greg's father wants to teach his son how to live with joy every day, how to be always curious of the world, how to understand that life is a misterious gift so full of opportunities...


I couldn't read a better book while I was expecting! When I finished it I promised to myself: I want to teach to my little French Bean that life is wonderful ....with its successes and mistakes....
.... that our world is a mistery that we have never ever stop to try to understand!


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  1. The Orange Girl sounds like a great read! I will have to check that one out. Have a great weekend, Mara. xo

  2. It's Friday---time for a book! I'll check out The Orange Girl...I just finished reading Sacred Hearts, a fun love story set in an austere place--a convent!

  3. Ciao Mara! Che bei libri che leggi! Ti avevo promesso che mi sarei aggiunta al club, ma in questo periodo sono un po', anzi molto latitante..scusami ma mi il caldo mi impigrisce :(
    Farò un salto appena possibile in biblioteca!!

  4. Mara, come li racconti tu i libri non lo fa nessuno!! lo metto in lista subito, spero tanto di poter leggere fino a sfinirmi quando sarò in vacanza!
    P.S. Crepi!!!! Grazie sei un vero tesoro
    Un bacio grande e passa un super weekend

  5. How long will the link be open? I just posted earlier today. Oh, and the book sounds delightful. Maybe you should think of being a book reviewer!

  6. The orange girl does sound great. I have so many books that I haven't finished! I start reading one and then another catches my eye and ten books later......hahaha
    have a great weekend!

  7. Ciao Mara!!
    Questa volta partecipo anch'io!
    La ragazza delle arance ...mi pare che ce l'abbia mia mamma...devo andare a vedere.
    Io di Gaarder ho letto "Il mondo di Sofia" e mi era piaciuto così tanto!
    Un bacione,

  8. Wowwwwwww!!
    Che adorabile nuova mise il tuo blog!!!
    e Complimenti per questo magnifico post che voglia di leggere i libri che proponi!!! in questo periodo sono incasinatissima con mille impegni e cose da programmare per la nuova stagione.....
    ti abbraccio <3

  9. Partecipo anche io!!! Non ce la facci a dire di no!

  10. Scusa Mara, ho reinserito il link perchè ho visto che il primo non funzionava! Ogni tanto questo pc mi da dei problemini! Sorry!!!!


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