Full Bloom Cottage

Full Bloom Cottage is a on line shop specialised in antique French furnishing.

Loretta, the owner, also has a beautiful blog

When I found her blog and shop, I was sighing all the time because of the wonderful images!

These images are just what I need now! A little bit of eye candy!
 We are running to finish some big works at my new house, so hopefully next week we will go on holiday!

I really need a vacation! My head is so full of projects, home decor ideas and many other stuff that I don't even know if what I've already chosen for my house is the right choice!

So I think that a little break is just what I need! No projects, no ideas and absolutely nothing apart from rest! Yes! That's what I want!

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  1. Hope you have a chance to get away, Mara! These images are so beautiful I want to live there! I am off to check out her blog! xo

  2. Mara I know exactly what you mean about second guessing your choices. We bought our home 8 years ago, and my style has changed soooo much since then and now I feel overwhelmed! A vacation is just what the doctor ordered! Where are you off to?

  3. Bellissime Mara! Sto andando a curiosare nel suo blog. Sei una vera fonte di ispirazione ormai!!

    Un abbraccio xx

  4. Ciao Mara!
    Ora vado a vedere il blog della proprietaria di questo magnifico
    negozio...promette proprio bene!

  5. You always pick the best pictures for us to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  6. These pictures really are eye candy! So beautiful! And thank you for your congratulations - you are always so sweet & leave the loveliest comments!


  7. Oh Mara- I hope you rest and maybe even get away for a bit!! I love the images!
    Sending love your way

  8. love your new header mara!
    I'm a big fan of Full Bloom Cottage!
    Pamela xo

  9. Beautiful blog and images.Thanks for sharing:)))Hugs, Biljana

  10. Mara mi avrai sulla coscienza! Non puoi pubblicare queste delizie così senza preavviso! Ho avuto un attacco di cuore! Corro a curiosare!!! Bacioni!

  11. Grazie, ho visto il blog e anche io non riesco a staccarmi! Bellissime cose e foto che lasciano a bocca aperta!!!

    Ci vediamo presto....

  12. Gorgeous, Mara! I love that oversized clock, just stunning! Did you change your blog header? I love it! XO!

  13. It's inspiring to wander from shop to shop, isn't it? A great way to take a break. You've shown us some really great shops here.

  14. I am so in love with that huge clock!!! What fabulous photos! Thank you for sharing!!
    ~Hugs to you, Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  15. Thank you for the beautiful mention! Your blog is wonderful! Im always so happy to know that people are looking!
    Take care!


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