My Holidays....part 1

How hard is to come back to normal life after the holidays?
I've come back home last week and I just can't feel they are over!

Quant'è difficile tornare alla vita normale dopo le vanze?
Io sono tornata la settimana scorsa, ma proprio non riesco a capacitarmi che siano già finite!

My mind and my heart are still here...

La mia mente e il mio cuore sono ancora lì...

among mountains and fields full of flowers...

tra montagne e campi di fiori...

fresh air and beautiful blue sky...

aria fresca e fantastici cieli blu...

I haven't had an adventurous holiday, as I was used until a couple of years ago...

Non ho avuto vacanze avventurose come qualche anno fà...

I have spent a relaxing time with my family, watching Sofia discovering new things and making new "friends" everyday:

Ho passato una vacanza molto rilassante assieme alla mia famiglia, guardando Sofia scoprire nuove cose e fare nuove conoscenze ogni giorno:

But it was what I really needed, I feel very relaxed and recharged now!

Però era proprio quello di cui avevo bisogno! Ora mi sento proprio rilassata e ricaricata!

Now some infos:
as you can see I've re-started to write in english and in italian, 'cause someone of you asked for it. I promise I will do it now on!
Secondly: I'm sorry for the delay in coming to say hello to everyone of you, please be patient! I also have to become follower to some of your fantastic blogs, but I faced some troubles with Google friends connect. It's on my to-do list, I haven't forgotten you!

Ora qualche info:
come vedete ho ricominciato a scrivere sia in inglese che in italiano, perchè qualcuno di voi me l'ha chiesto. Prometto che lo farò d'ora innanzi!!
Poi: mi spiace per essere in ritardo con i saluti su tutti i vostri blog, vi prego portate pazienza! Inoltre devo diventare follower di alcuni vostri blog, ma non ci sono riuscita perchè ho avuto qualche problema con Google Friend Connect. Cmq sono tutti sulla mia lista delle cose da fare, quindi non mi sono dimenticata di voi!!

Summer Dreams

credits: 1, 2, 3 (unknown), 4 (unknown)

Knock, knock.....who's there? Yes! I'm back!

Hello my dearests!!!!
guess who's back from a super-relaxing holiday?
Yes!!!! Me!!!

I arrived yesterday evening

and now:

my house is a mess...

my washing machine is working hard and hard...

the ironing basket is so full I'm afraid all the clothes will collapse invading all the laundry room...

But I just wanted to send a big hug to you all!!!

Thank you for your comments and thank you to the new followers who joined me even thought I was away!!!

Now I'm going to check all your fab blogs and say "hi" to all of you!

This is a very short post and I still have to organize all my holidays' photos, 'cause I want to share them with you!

So in the next days I will tell you about what I did during these days.
Nothing so special, no great adventures or long trips in a far-away destination...

...just walks in the woods picking flowers and berries,

little feet in cold mountains waters,

cooking cakes while outside was raining...

and more little precious moments!!

Happy off for summer vacations!

Hello my dearests! Yes, finally I'm packing my suitcases and leaving for a period of relaxing holiday!

(Actually while you're reading this post I'm already in my car!) mountains!
I can't wait to be there!

It's just a little village of 700 people in the Alps;
where everybody knows everybody;
and if you want to introduce yourself you have to talk about your genealogical tree: I'm the daughter of..., my aunt is...etc.;
just 1 little shop;
no tourism;
absolutely no night life;


But I love it!


The silence

The peace

The nature

People walking slowly

With no hurry

Alway saying "Good Morning!" (or Evening) if they meet you.

A relaxed way of life!

So I won't be around for the next 20 days. I was thinking about taking my laptop with me to stay connect with all of you, but at the end I've thought that I need a break from everything and want to dedicate this holiday period to my family!

So I hope you don't mind, but I won't comment in your all beautiful blogs, ladies! I want to thank you each and one of you because this year I've discovered a fantastic world full of beautiful people: the blog land!

 I'm so happy I've started this blog!
I've had the chance to meet very special friends as you all are to me!

So I want to say to you all "See you later dear"!

and wish all of you a fantastic holiday period!

When I will be back I will have a lot of news from my new house to share with you!

What a Day!

Happy Monday, my dearests!


I know, I know, it's Monday and I'm supposed to post about my "Summer Dreams", but today I want to make a different post.

Today I want to tell you about a very special day.

On Saturday I've had the pleasure to meet
some wonderful ladies
in a wonderful setting.


You know when you spend a fantastic day and just can't stop thinking at every moment of it?
And maybe you smile while you're remembering...and people watch you like you are a little bit crazy!!

Well, that's how I feel!

On Saturday I met 8 incredibly bloggers.
Sweet Irene at Valdirose welcomes us all in her charming B&B.


She and her husband prepared the most enchanted pic nic I have ever been invited to! Every detail was perfect, the food and wine delicious and they both were so welcoming!

Valdirose is a fairy B&B on the hills near Florence; Irene decorated it with so much love! You can feel it in every single details!

A relaxed atmosphere, nice chats, laughs, kids playing in the garden, smiling faces and a strange, incredibly feeling.

I'm a reserved person and I was afraid not to be able to open my mouth and speak, but I found myself so comfortable with all of them!


And it was so strange! I read these women's blogs every day and on Saturday I finally met them all...and they are even more incredibly than how I imagined!
So sweet, simple and caring. I can't express by words exactly how I felt that day and how I feel every time I think about it; I only know that my heart makes a little jump and my eyes smile when I found myself lost in such wonderful memories!

Alessandra, Federica, Gaia, Irene, Laura, Lelia, Micaela, Sarah alphabetical order of course...


Oh, what? do you want to see pictures of the day? You can find them on all these girls' amazing blogs today and during the week!
I prefered to leave at home my little camera, because I knew there would be much more talented photographer than me! ;)

But I've decided that for my bithday (which is near) probably I will ask my husband a new camera as a gift and I want to learn to use it!