Swedish classics

I've found these images in this beautiful blog and want to share them with you.

This is the house of Loi Thai, owner of Tone And Tone

It's so charmig! and I adore the white and the natural colours palette used!

Now a quick note: I've decided to host the next Books Cafè Event on July 23rd. I would like to dedicate it to Summer Reading.

Let me explain better....

...which book has been your fav summer reading?

Which one would you like to suggest to someone who is packing her/his suitcases for summer holidays?

Or, which book has travelled with you during your most amazing summer holiday?

If you love books...let us see on July 23rd at the Books Cafè!

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  1. Hello Mara....!

    I hope this note finds you well....!! The pics you've shown are BEAUTIFUL....Makes me want to get rid of my red & green accents & go completely neutral....hahahahaha....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Such a beautiful and elegant home! Love the book idea too.

  3. THANK YOU!!! I love that hosue simply beatufiul and very cozy!
    Love that style...with a vintage old touch!

    Love it!

  4. Davvero splendida questa casa! Prima o poi smonto tutta la mia e ricomincio dall'inizio :))

  5. Mara mia cara,carissima Mara!!
    una casa davvero bella,elegante e semplice , oh come mi piacciono quei colori soft..
    Tutto da copiare, tutto!
    bacioni e buon pomeriggio

  6. Che bei colori questa casa! Adoro le tinte naturali!
    Grazie per il tuo commento sul mio blog ;)
    Le mie figliole stanne bene adesso, e la tua?
    Un baciotto

  7. I appreciate the clean lines of style in the home... very refreshing, clean and simple, but yet very divine. The steps are really getting my attention... I'm very inspired by those.....hmmm I think I'm getting some ideas. Thanks so much for sharing-

    Enjoy your Day*

  8. You have such a wonderful blog!
    I really like it here... and can`t wait to be back!


  9. Bellissime queste immagini, è una casa arredata con molto gusto e charme!!!
    Sul mio blog c'è un piccolo premio per te se ti fa piacere!!!
    Baci Annamaria

  10. Ciao Mara! Complimenti per il tuo blog! A me piace in particolar modo la camera da letto, mi piacciono quei toni neutri e soprattutto le tende!

  11. Hi Mara,
    The images are indeed lovely and like you I love the colour palette she has used in her home.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  12. Dear Mara,
    What beautiful interiors. They embody everything that I love. Just stunning.
    Sorry for the lack of commenting but I have been at my sisters for a week. I am now trying to catch up !! XXXX

  13. What a beautiful blog you have Mara - I am so thrilled to have found you. Italy is my favourite holiday destination... I would love to join your book cafe this month - thank you so much for the invitation - would you mind if I promoted it on my blog at some point? I look forward to your next lovely post. Ann x

  14. Hi Mara,
    This home is totally AWESOME. I love everything about it...so peaceful and harmonious...and for all the many things in it, it's still easy on the eyes.

  15. Thanks for the link Mara, Charm Hill Interiors is beautiful. I just love all the colours in these images..Rachaelxx


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