Sex and the City 2 - Carrie on

Get the look!
Moda, Tendenze & Stili - Polyvore

I couldn't resist. I loved Sex and the City. I loved every single episode. I just adore all these shoes and beautiful dresses!!!

Wedding FeverModa, Tendenze & Stili - Polyvore

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Amanda outfits were always amazing and also the stories of the four women were told in a different way, more woman oriented, nearer of what a woman really think than every other fiction.
And then I went to the cinema to see the movie.
Abu Dhabi - here they come!Moda, Tendenze & Stili - Polyvore

So I just couldn't go to see Sex and the City 2 this week end. I tell you the truth...I was convinced that the movie was not so good....and yes, it's not like the first one...

Carried AwayModa, Tendenze & Stili - Polyvore
 All images: here

 ...But if you fancy a little bit of eye candy, if you want to dream about gorgeous dresses and to die for shoes, then Sex and the City is still the place!!!

I've ordered my new kitchen!!!

I love white kitchens:

...with rustic tables just like this one...

I also love turquoise touches:

And spoiling bathrooms!


All images: here

Today I've ordered my new kitchen!!! Who guess the colour?? Yes!!! White!!!

Now I need to buy the table, but I've already seen a special one that will really suit good in my kitchen!

So: Tiles, done
Kitchen, done,
Fireplace: quite done.

Now I'm gonna choose the bathroom forniture and start to think about my bedroom. I have clear ideas in mind, but I know that when I will start going to shops and see a lot of different ideas I will come into a big mess!!!
I think I need at least 3 houses to decorate so I can realize all the tips I have in mind.  And you? have you evere feel the same? Have you ever desidered to own different houses with different styles? Let's say a beach cottage, a country house, a chalet in the Alps and a townhouse in a big city?

Have a great Sunday, my dearests!!!

And the winner is....

I've always dreamt to say - write - these words!!!! Ok, so the winner is:

....suspance suspance....

Please Lisa, send me a mail with your address so I can send you the parcel!

I want to thank each and every one of you for partecipating to my first giveaway! I really have had so much fun with it and I loved to meet new bloggers lady! I know I haven't drop by every new blog to say Hello, but I will do it in the next days, so please be patient...I'm coming to visit you!!!

Thank you again and have a great day...or evening depends on which part of the world you are from!

More bathrooms...

Ok, I know, this could be boring, but at the moment all my toughts are for my bathrooms! My mind is full of inspirationals pictures and I'm looking for the perfect decorating ideas!!!

I really love the matching textiles!

And what about a rustic style?

Blue and white...very coastal cottage style!

This last one is so natural and relaxing!
All images: Ideal Home

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The versatile blogger award!

Lovely Nellie at McCarthy Designs passed me this award last week!!!

Wow! I was thrilled!!! Nellie has an amazing blog where she posts about her home, her life, her travel (don't miss her New Zealand posts!!!) and fantastic pictures taken by her and her husband!
She has also an Etsy shop where you can find her gorgeous pictures! And don't miss her fantastic GIVEAWAY!!! She's having her first giveaway to celebrate one year of blogging!!!

So now I have to write seven things about myself...

1. I'm black belt of karate. I've been doing karate for 10 years, but I stopped when I discovered I was pregnant. I will start again to go to my dojo in September. Karate means a lot to me, it's not a sport, it's somenthing that makes me feel good. It teached me a lot. Please don't think I'm something like Steven Segal or Jean Claude van Damme, it's not true!!!! I'm not a dangerous weapon, just a normal, sweet girl who can defend herself! ;)

2. I love travel backpacking. I have travelled with my husband in Southern Asia, one of my fave part of the world, backpacking. We have visited China, Vietnam, Thailandia, Laos. I love the sense of freedom of backpacking: no plans, just going where you want to. Travelling is an important part of my life, even if now I'm a little bit quite. I'm waiting that my little Sofia will be older and then I want to teach her to be curious of the world.

3. I was born in a little village in the Alps. Yep! I'm a mountain girl! I love mountains and escape from the city every time I can! I spent all my childhood summers in the mountains and I feel blessed for that!

4. I love old movies. I don't miss Gone with the Wind, all the Sissi's movies and all the Audrey Hepburn's movies when they appear on tv.

5. I've always tought of myself that I was made for work and career. I found these convictions were totally false when I happly discovered I was pregnant. There's no better time for me that the time I spend with my family.

6. I don't cook!  My husband loves to cook and I love to eat what he prepares!

7. I'm mad about cornflakes of every taste and every sort. They are such a comfort food to me! I love to have them at breakfast, in the afternoon and even in the evening after dinner!

Now I have to pass the award to other lovelies blogs:

1. Faviana at La Maison des Lilas
2. Zaira at Little Emma English Home
3. Tina at Rubies Place
4. Kristin at A Page of Inspiration
5. Desiree at Vosges Paris
6. Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
7. Jackie at Home

I love these blogs and the ladies who writes there. They are all so creative, sweet and supportive! They all, in many ways, have made my blogging adventure even more beautiful and incredible. Also I want to thank all the new followers and friends I've met lately!!!! A big thank to you all!!



Hello my dearest! Hope you've had a wonderful week end!!! On Saturday we finally chose the bathrooms tiles! It has been a very difficult choice!!! I mean... untill now when I have been to the stores I usually entered with very clear ideas...and went out with a big mess on my mind! The fact is that there are a lot of different tiles, different colours, different styles...they just make me go crazy!!!

Now I have to decide the look of my 2 bathrooms...

I love the rustic look of the bathroom above and the use of rustic furniture as below...

Pale blue, turquoise...that's the colour of one bathroom...

The other one will be pale ochre and white... very similar to the colours of this picture.

All images: BHG

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Have a great Monday!

My very first GIVEAWAY!

Yeah!!!! I'm having my very first GIVEAWAY!!! I'm so excited!!!! I love to partecipate to all the lovely giveaways and I was so happy when I won one! It was "The Sewing Book" from Nadine at The Design Notebook

When I received my parcel, I decided that I would like to have my own giveaway, because I would love to make someone else as happy as I was when I opened my gift!

While I was thinking about all this stuff, I received a mail from sweet Michelle at Amor Designs. She asked me if I could feature her etsy shop on my blog!

Gasp! I was thrilled! So I visited her shop and totally felt in love with her beautiful burlap cushions covers....

...and I tought..."What a fantastic gift for a giveaway!!!"

I asked Michelle if it was ok for her to have her fab Shop featured while I was hosting my very first giveaway that would be one of her amazing burlap cushions cover. She agreed, and not only made a discounted price for the cover I chose, but also gifted me with 4 chic vintage magnets!

That's the burlap cushion cover I've choosen for you....

...and these are the 4 vintage crowne magnets that generous Michelle added for my giveaway!


Please go to Michelle' Shop to have a look around, I'm sure you will be amazed by her fantastic style and also pop by Michelle's blog to say hello. She posts a lot of DIY projects and home renovations/decorations tips!

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Michelle and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Currently engaged and living with my boyfriend Al. We have a beautiful 3 year old boy and his name is Kaelon. I love anything about French Provincial, Beach Cottage and Shabby Chic style. I spend most of my spare time sewing my cushion covers or painting furnitures which I also restore. I find sewing/painting very relaxing. Probably sounds strange to you, but when your busy all day its nice to just sew/paint and not have to talk to anyone. When I'm not painting/sewing I spend my time with my son.

2. How and when did you decide to start your shop?
I decided to start my shop when my friends wanted to know where I purchase my cushion covers and furnitures from.

3. Where do you get your inspirations?
I get my inspirations from items that are very finely handcrafted specially those from early 19th century European style artworks.


Ok, you all know the rules to enter the draw: 

1. Leave a comment here during the next 7 days;
2. Become a follower (if you aren't already) to have a second chance to win;
3. If you post about my giveaway or put the link on your sidebar, you can have a third chance to win.

Just let me know if you are a follower or if you post about my giveaway with separate comments, as I will use

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, May 26 at 8 pm (local time).

I will announce the winner on Thursday, May 27.

I just hope you like this gift....good luck Ladies! And remember to check Michelle' Shop and her lovely Blog!


Hi dearests!!! Today is a sunny lovely day here in Italy and I'm feeling very happy! There're no reasons in specific...or better there are a lot of reasons to be happy!!!

Today is one of those days when you woke up and everything seems beautiful! When the sky is blue, is warm but not hot, and you are so lucky to have a day off to work to just enjoy your day!!!!
I spent the mornig with my daughter Sofia, a dear friend of mine, Silvia, and her nephew, Giulia (which is same age of Sofia). We stayed at Silvia's parents who live in the country and spent the morning running after the 2 girls who were running after the dog, the cat, the chickens, the rabbits and also the red fishes in the pond!

Plus I'm so excited because tomorrow I will host my very first giveaway!!!
Ok, I know it's supposed to be a surprise, but I'm excited as a child in front of a marmelade jar and just cannot stay quite!

Images: Eva Lindh

So please come back tomorrow to check my giveaway, I hope you will like it!

A gift for me

Last Sunday was Mother's day and we went out to have a yummy breakfast. in town there was the flea market, so I chose my gift: a shabby bird cage.
Oh I totally felt in love with it!

I want to buy a little plant to put inside...

...but I can't decide what kind of plant...

Well I also love it just as it is!

Have a sweet week end, my dearests!