The versatile blogger award!

Lovely Nellie at McCarthy Designs passed me this award last week!!!

Wow! I was thrilled!!! Nellie has an amazing blog where she posts about her home, her life, her travel (don't miss her New Zealand posts!!!) and fantastic pictures taken by her and her husband!
She has also an Etsy shop where you can find her gorgeous pictures! And don't miss her fantastic GIVEAWAY!!! She's having her first giveaway to celebrate one year of blogging!!!

So now I have to write seven things about myself...

1. I'm black belt of karate. I've been doing karate for 10 years, but I stopped when I discovered I was pregnant. I will start again to go to my dojo in September. Karate means a lot to me, it's not a sport, it's somenthing that makes me feel good. It teached me a lot. Please don't think I'm something like Steven Segal or Jean Claude van Damme, it's not true!!!! I'm not a dangerous weapon, just a normal, sweet girl who can defend herself! ;)

2. I love travel backpacking. I have travelled with my husband in Southern Asia, one of my fave part of the world, backpacking. We have visited China, Vietnam, Thailandia, Laos. I love the sense of freedom of backpacking: no plans, just going where you want to. Travelling is an important part of my life, even if now I'm a little bit quite. I'm waiting that my little Sofia will be older and then I want to teach her to be curious of the world.

3. I was born in a little village in the Alps. Yep! I'm a mountain girl! I love mountains and escape from the city every time I can! I spent all my childhood summers in the mountains and I feel blessed for that!

4. I love old movies. I don't miss Gone with the Wind, all the Sissi's movies and all the Audrey Hepburn's movies when they appear on tv.

5. I've always tought of myself that I was made for work and career. I found these convictions were totally false when I happly discovered I was pregnant. There's no better time for me that the time I spend with my family.

6. I don't cook!  My husband loves to cook and I love to eat what he prepares!

7. I'm mad about cornflakes of every taste and every sort. They are such a comfort food to me! I love to have them at breakfast, in the afternoon and even in the evening after dinner!

Now I have to pass the award to other lovelies blogs:

1. Faviana at La Maison des Lilas
2. Zaira at Little Emma English Home
3. Tina at Rubies Place
4. Kristin at A Page of Inspiration
5. Desiree at Vosges Paris
6. Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
7. Jackie at Home

I love these blogs and the ladies who writes there. They are all so creative, sweet and supportive! They all, in many ways, have made my blogging adventure even more beautiful and incredible. Also I want to thank all the new followers and friends I've met lately!!!! A big thank to you all!!


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  1. I've been a follower of your blog for about a month now ..i love it and i really enjoyed reading your blog and loved reading about your 7 things about you especially about the karate one ..well done my boys have been training since they were 4yrs and i love it
    thanks for sharing xx

  2. Mara, congratulations! A childhood spent in the alps sounds straight out of a storybook. xo

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely, kind words Mara! You are a beautiful person and I loved reading the seven things about you! xx

  4. Hi Mara!
    Congratulations on your award! Good for you to know karate. Looking forward to following your blog:)

  5. Mara!! Congratulazioni per l'award è meritatissimo, il tuo blog è sempre più splendido e non poteva essere altrimenti visto che tu sei unapersona splendida. E grazie per avermi girato l'award, sei troppo carina. Me lo aggiungo subito agli altri.

    Un bacione xoxo

  6. Wow Mara congratulazioni!! Bè c'era da aspettarselo... il tuo blog è stupendo, e tu sei una persona molto interessante, le cose che hai detto mi sono piaciute tanto.. che ridere hai ragione, quando pensiamo al karate pensiamo subito a jean claude van damme & C., quando invece dietro c'è quancosa di ben più profondo!
    Un bacione

  7. My dear friend Mara,
    Thank you so much for the lovely award and your kind words. I am so flattered that you should think me worthy . Your 7 things were brilliaant. It's so lovely to find out more about you.
    Thanks again for thinking of me. XXXX

  8. Congratulations, Mara! :)

    So many fun things to learn about you! And thank you for sharing some of your favorite blogs with us!!!


  9. Congratulazioni Mara per il premio, te lo meriti tutto!!!
    Baci Annamaria

  10. Congratulazioni per il tuo Award strameritato!!

  11. I love reading more about you, so fun! You are so sweet to pass this award to me, thank you so much! Wishing you a wonderful day friend!

  12. Yay on your award! I love getting to know you=0)


  13. Thank you very much, Mara! I love awards! And congratulations on yours! You deserve it! I'm so glad I found you!

    Kristin xxxx

  14. I loved finding out more about you. I could eat cereal morning, noon and night as well.

  15. That was really fun to learn those things about you Mara. :)

    And congrats on your award!!

  16. Congratulations on your wonderful award Mara!! I loved reading your list of 7 things! I will have to have lots of cornflakes in my pantry if you ever come to visit:) Thank you so very very much for passing this award on to me, it was such a lovely surprise and I am so happy!! I hope you are having a wonderful week my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  17. Hello Mara
    Today is my lucky day to have found your blog.(smile) Lovely blog I could spend hours finding about your and your blog.

    Julie xx


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