I've ordered my new kitchen!!!

I love white kitchens:

...with rustic tables just like this one...

I also love turquoise touches:

And spoiling bathrooms!


All images: here

Today I've ordered my new kitchen!!! Who guess the colour?? Yes!!! White!!!

Now I need to buy the table, but I've already seen a special one that will really suit good in my kitchen!

So: Tiles, done
Kitchen, done,
Fireplace: quite done.

Now I'm gonna choose the bathroom forniture and start to think about my bedroom. I have clear ideas in mind, but I know that when I will start going to shops and see a lot of different ideas I will come into a big mess!!!
I think I need at least 3 houses to decorate so I can realize all the tips I have in mind.  And you? have you evere feel the same? Have you ever desidered to own different houses with different styles? Let's say a beach cottage, a country house, a chalet in the Alps and a townhouse in a big city?

Have a great Sunday, my dearests!!!

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  1. How exciting to have ordered your new kitchen. Yes, yes, yes..I think I would love lots of different houses to decorate and try out different ideas. Then I could move into the style that I wanted whenever I felt like it.. Sounds like lots of fun.Can't wait to see your finished kitchen. Have a lovely weekend dear Mara. Kym X

  2. Dear Mara,
    ohhh it's great news...you've ordered your new kitchen in white.
    Yes, i guess, i could decorate lots of houses with different ideas, too.
    If i see many lovely things, it's always not easy for me to decide which one i take.
    I can't wait to see the picture from your new kitchen, too.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Lucia

  3. you kitchen sounds beautiful..did someone say turquoise??? i love that color and that bedroom you have pictured ooh la la, have a great weekend and i look forward to seeing your new make-overs XX

  4. Mara, can't wait to see the outcome! I love that rustic table, it looks stunning against the white. Actually I love all of these pictures, awesome post! xo

  5. I'm so excited for you! Everything is falling into place! I hope you have a great evening!

  6. oooh how exciting, a new kitchen is the best bit I reckon!! Do Pop over to my blog, I'm having a giveaway :0)

  7. It's going to look G O R G E O U S!!!! I can't wait to see photos and I hope you are sitting in the middle smiling=0)

    Have a great weekend,

  8. Whooo whoot for Mara and her white kitchen!! I'm so jealous! I'm sure it will be stunning! I've been dreaming of a white kitchen for ages....one day! : ) I can only overload my husband and his tiny decorating brain with so much at once hehehe, gotta love him. that rustic table rocks! have a great weekend

  9. So exciting Mara, I love white kitchens too! Lots of great inspiration pics, can't wait to see your beautiful home! Enjoy your weekend! Deb

  10. How exciting, Mara!!! I cannot wait to see what you choose, because we LOVE the same kinds of things! :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Wow Mara! Che notiziona! La cucina è senz'altro una parte essenziale della casa e sono sicura che la tua sarà bellissima, se è bianca poi..Che invidia!!!
    buona domenica

  12. Very exciting, nothing like a new kitchen! Can't wait to see it Mara. I love the turquoise living room you've featured, and the bathroom is gorgeous too..Rachaelxx

  13. I'm sooo excited for you! It will be such fun to decorate your house. Of course we'll all be helping...

  14. Oh Mara, what a wonderful feeling to acomplish something you've been dreaming for!
    I can't wait to see it when is finished!!!
    Have a sunny weekend,
    Li :-)

  15. I love all the pictures, I am sure yours will be perfect.

  16. Hi Mara look forward to seeing how your kitchen turns out

  17. E per la Mara..hip hip urrà!
    Sono proprio curiosa di vedere la cucina che hai scelto....non hai un catalogo da scannerizzare???
    Uh, hai ragione, sono una ficcanaso!

  18. Hello Mara,
    sooo! wonderful of you to stop by and leave that amazing comment it was so dear of you.
    everything is Bella, Bella, Bella!!
    Over here.

    I love the rustic table, and that tub, what a tub to dream in.

    I will see you soon

  19. YES...I've often said that I'm BOTH the CITY mouse and the COUNTRY mouse and can picture myself living in either locale. Instead, I'm a SUBURBAN mouse, for the moment : ) You have certainly been busy crossing projects off your to-do list. Looking forward to seeing images of them on your blog! xx P&H

  20. Ooooooh, can't wait to see! How very exciting for you! Can't wait to see~ with your taste, I'm sure it will be just fabulous!


  21. Ciao Mara ,
    Bellissime queste immagini !!!
    Chissà che bella cucina hai scelto!!
    Hugs <3


  22. Hello Mara...Congratulations on your win at Sharon's!!! I love the kitchens you show us...Happy Decorating, Dzintra♥x

  23. Oh Mara I LOVE white kitchens and cannot wait to have one one day!!!
    Love these photos they are awesome. So nice to dream!

    I can't wait to see your kitchen.
    Pamela xo

  24. Congratulations, Mara, on winning Sharon's giveaway...just popped over to see what you're up to and TOTALLY agree with you about white kitchens. I just had my kitchen done over in white and absolutely adore it...it's been published in the Summer issue of Better Homees & Gardens KITCHEN + BATH MAKEOVERS magazine. LOVE white kitchens!

  25. Wow, what a beautiful blog you have...georgeus pictures and great information :-)

  26. AHHHHHHHH! Mara hai vinto il giveaway di Sharon a "My french country home"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CHE BELLO!!!

  27. How exciting for you! And I know what you mean about needing lots of houses to unleash all your ideas on. Have a great time on this one though, and can't wait to see all the pics. K xx

  28. That is so exciting Mara! I can't wait to see it all finished, I just know that it is going to be beautiful:) Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  29. I changed my kitchen to White and I'm so happy with it..your photos were so beautiful and I'm sure your going to be so happy with your choice!
    Lovely blog!



  30. That is my dream stove. I love the shelving on top. I didn't get it when we did our remodel but a girl can dream!


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