And the winner is....

I've always dreamt to say - write - these words!!!! Ok, so the winner is:

....suspance suspance....

Please Lisa, send me a mail with your address so I can send you the parcel!

I want to thank each and every one of you for partecipating to my first giveaway! I really have had so much fun with it and I loved to meet new bloggers lady! I know I haven't drop by every new blog to say Hello, but I will do it in the next days, so please be patient...I'm coming to visit you!!!

Thank you again and have a great day...or evening depends on which part of the world you are from!

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  1. Congratulations to Lisa! Your image is so so lovely, Mara. Would fit perfect on my coffee table ;)
    Happy Thoughts! xx

  2. Wow!! I am so very, very happy and excited!! Thank-you!! What lovely news to wake up to this morning!!!

  3. Congratulazioni alla vincitrice, davvero fortunella!!!!

  4. congrats!! Ma che fortuna! Buon fine settimana

  5. It's so much fun to say those words, isn't it? You feel like a tv announcer!

  6. Congrats Lisa! :)

    And I'm glad you had fun with your giveaway Mara. :)

  7. Well done Lisa.
    How lovely to wim....and thank you Mara for such a generous giveaway.
    Have a lovely weekend, Mara. XXXX

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

  9. Ciao Mara!
    Congratulations to the lucky lady!
    I'm sure she is thrilled with the surprise!
    Have a nice weekend,

  10. Oh congratulations lovely Lisa! Thank you so much for the wonderful chance to enter your first gorgeous giveaway Mara!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Big hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  11. Congratulations Lisa!!!

    Mara, Thanks for your first giveaway, and thank you for visiting and following my blog.
    Yes Devon is a beautiful place, we are in Newton Abbot.
    And when we visit Spain, we love it in there too. We go to Gandia, near Valencia. One of my nieces lives in Italy, she got married there. Near to Napoles. I´m sure where you are know must be lovely too. Looking for to see some photos of your area :)

  12. ahhh..!! che felice she sono per la vincitrice !! BUGIA.... no dai, è stata davvero fortunata, il giveaway era SUPERBELLO!! Brava Mara, mi prenoto già per il prossimo, lo facciamo a quota 200 che dici?? ci siamo quasi !! complimenti,il tuo blog è una stella brillantissima nella blogosphera ed è giusto che sia così!
    Bacioni e buon weekend anche a te!

  13. Congratulation to the lucky winner!
    E colgo l'occasione per andare a sbirciare nel suo blog!!
    Un bacione a te Mara!
    p.s. A riguardo del tuo commento sul mio post...w l'Ikea!!!


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