A blue sky, please!!!

Here in Italy it has been a day with a lot of rain and snow! ...yes...you've read it correctly...rain and snow in May!!!
And also some other blogging friends form Canada today has posted about snow. So I've found that spring is still a sort of ghost around the world.

Oh, please may we have a blue sky? and some sun and warm temperature?

As the sky is totaly grey at the moment, I've found these pictures I want to share with you, to make a sort of sun dance!!!


I know these are interior pictures, but they have that turquoise touch I would really like to see in the sky right now!

And finally a coastal ispired pictures because it's May and we are all thinking about summer holidays, not grey foggy days...or not?  

All images from: Jessica Thomas

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  1. Aaahh....Like taking a nice, relaxing holiday, seeing all of these pretty blues! Of course, I would be imagining myself on holiday in ITALY, but NOT with snow in the picture!
    Thanks for your lovely note!!
    xx P&H

  2. non vedo l;ora di riverdere il sole ;) Ho messo il tuo blog un po nel sole per questa settimana ;)
    Saluti, desiree

  3. Hi Mara, Thank you so much for the support and the lovely pictures today! You really lift up my spirit!
    Enjoy your spring!
    Hugs, Li

  4. Hi Mara, you have wonderful blog, it looks fantastic.
    I will often visit your blog.
    Greetings from Croatia, Bye

  5. Oh today I thought the winter will come back, it was cold, grey and rainy outside. So the spring ghost is also far away right now...but your impressions give the imagination of spring and summer :-) Hugs Yvonne

  6. Dear Mara, we had snow here today, too! Isn't it terrible? Hope it gets better soon! Lovely images!

    Kristin :)

  7. Mara! I love these images. I am sorry for the grey skies. Hard to feel like spring when there is rain. I will join in the rain dance with you and help stop it! ~Lulu

  8. Beautiful pictures. Love the "blue".

  9. That first pic is stunning!! WOW, you are having crazy weather, much crazier than our autumn weather which so far has been clear with a few rainy patches along with wind (which I don't like).
    It keeps life interesting, doesn't it??

  10. I sure wish I could send you some Texas weather! It's nice and hot. I love the blue images. Makes me want to close my eyes and relax in their serenity.

  11. Hi Mara,
    I am wishing for you sunshine, blue skies and the warmth of the sun on your back.
    Hoping your weather improves soon.
    Donna xx

  12. wonderfull inspiration. The turqouise and white is so beautiful together.

    have a nice day!
    Hugs Marina

  13. Hi Mara, thanks for the bright and cheery pictures! I just love the coastal ones, just what I need! Hope your weather brightens too! Deb

  14. Mara, come ti capisco...e anche per oggi di sole non se ne parla qui....piove,piove e piove.Ma uffa..non ne posso più! Lì da te va un po' meglio? Bacione cara

  15. Ciao Mara!
    Hai proprio ragione, non se ne può più di questa pioggia! Ma dov'è finita la primavera?
    Consoliamoci guardando le tue bellissime immagini!
    un bacio

  16. Hi Mara,
    We are still getting snow here too. :(
    But your inspiration photos cheered me up. White & blues are my favorites!!!

  17. Oh Mara, I hope the sun shines brightly for you. I also have some Aussie friends visiting Italy at the moment and I am sure they will not be prepared for snow.
    Those lovely turquiose pictures looks cheery anyway. Have a great day.

  18. Hi Mara!

    Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment and for following my blog. :) I'm glad you were finally able to sign in today.

    Love the pictures on your blog! So pretty. :)


  19. cara mara
    ti auguro cieli azzurri e tepore primaverile, anch`io ne ho tanta voglia! So che in italia il tempo é osceno, qui stranamente abbiamo invece goduto di alcune settimane di caldo e sole (incredibile) ma adesso é tornato il grigetto e sptt il freddo.. pazienza! almeno girando per blog mi consolo con le belle immagini!!!
    un bacino fede
    ps siii che occhio che hai avuto! ho cambiato un pochino l`header perché ho ampliato la larghezza del blog e l`header vecchio era troppo stretto, cosí l`ho modificato un pó ;)

  20. Hello Sweet Mara-
    Beautiful pictures! I can't believe you have snow right now? When we were in Italy a few years ago we had lots of rain but never snow, I hope the skies turn blue and sunny for you soon!

  21. hi Mara, what a lovely blog you have here - you Italian girls have special talent. I'll be back to visit often.
    And yes I agree, we want the SUN, and NOW!

  22. Nice blues, almost turquoise... very cheery.
    Here (Boston) the weather has been changing a lot and quickly. Rain, wind, clouds, sun changing in the same day.

  23. I love what you do on your blog Mara..your words and pictures make me smile every time x

  24. Ooohhh fantastiche!!
    Buon weekend Mara!
    p.s. sempre più bello questo blog!

  25. These are gorgeous images and really do have a spring air about them. I do hope you get some spring weather soon! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments xx


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