Today my little Sofia has a temperature, nothing serious, but she hasn't been the sweet little rascal as always. She is in bed now and I hope she will sleep all night and wake up tomorrow feeling better!

This is a house I've found some weeks ago on House Beautiful... I really love it, it's so cosy and relaxing! Especially the living room with that big fireplace! We will have a fireplace in our living room too, so now my new task is finding the right inspiration for building it!

...the kitchen...

...with another living area...

...the kids room...

...the bathroom...

...the patio.

Now I'm going to bed too, just hope that Sofia will let me sleep! ;)

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  1. What a gorgeous house Mara! I love a fireplace they make for a very cosy room. xx

  2. oh hallo mara
    traumhaft da würde ich mich auch hinlegen. grüässli daniela

  3. Carissima Mara,
    come sta Sofia? Spero un po' meglio. E tu,sei riuscita a dormire?
    Bellissima la casa che ci proponi,come sempre! E allora,che idee hai per il camino?

  4. Dear Mara,
    That is a beautiful house. I love everything about it.
    I hope that your little Sofia will be feeling better soon. It's horrible when your children don't feel very well but, they usually bounce back very quickly. XXXX

  5. Lovely! Such beautiful home.:-) Hug Stina

  6. Hello Mara !
    oh.. come sta la piccina ? Spero meglio, e mi auguro proprio che tu non abbia passato una nottataccia!
    poi, tra qualche mese, male che vada le nottate brave le puoi passare davanti al camino.. beata te!!!
    Buon pomeriggio!!

  7. Hi Mara- that home is my dream as well, especially love the seating area right off the kitchen, swoon!

  8. Yes, I do recall the days when my daughters were sick and I got little sleep for days. Hope she feels better soon. The inspiration pages are serene and lovely!

  9. Poor Sofia, I hope she 's getting better!
    I adore my little nest But I will move to that home immediately!

    How are you?
    thanks for your emails... still working on that! could you do it for me?

    have a great weekend

  10. Oh Mara! I hope your sweet little Sofia is feeling better soon. Big hugs to you and one for your sweet princess too! Take care my lovely friend ~ Tina xx

  11. Hi Mara-
    Just checking in on your sweet baby girl! I hope the fever has gone down and you were both able to rest! The pictures are gorgeous, thank you for sharing!
    Take care

  12. love the style too. hope sophia feels better. have a great weekend. verbena cottage

  13. Hi Mara. Love this stunning house and thanks for sharing the pics. I'm posting some shots of my living room shortly. I think you might identify with my style. Feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts!

  14. Hi Mara!

    Thank you for your comment, very sweet of you. Glad to hear your baby girl is feeling better!

    Lovely pictured, I also love cusions, only since I moved into my new appartment I haven't had the time to really look for cusions. But your pictures really motivated me to do so!




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