Blog Game - Photo # 6

My dear friend Zaira at Little Emma English Home inviteted me to partecipate to a funny blog game. I have to re-propose photo # 6 and remember the moment.

So, that's my photo # 6! I published it in my very first post. It was February and I was waiting to have the OK for beginning the building of my home.

At that time I had only the projects done and was looking for builders, carpenters, plumbers and so on. I was literally absorbed by that and had no time to think about the interiors!

But I decided to take some time just for me and to start the blog to keep a diary of all the interior design ideas I discover on line in order to collect all the tips I would like to realize for my home!

So now I have to choose 10 blogging friends and invite them to partecipate:

Tina at The Rubies' Place
Donna at Rosebud and Bluebells
Nadine at The Design Notebook
Etta at Ma Nouvelle Maison
Francesca at Passionedeco
Deb at Cappucino Cottage
Brenda at Cozy Little House
Shari at Little Blue Deer
Rachel at Little Bits of Lovely
Yvonne at Villa Koning

They all are creative ladies with fantastic blogs!
Please feel free dear friends, if you want to partecipate, do it, otherwise...absolutely no problem!!!

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  1. Okay, guess I have to go back in time and find my sixth photo. No telling what it is. Yours sure is pretty!

  2. Ciao Mara,
    come stai? I lavori procedono bene con questo bel tempo immagino!+
    Vale di Les Cotrions mi aveva già invitata a partecipare a questo gioco. Mi pare di aver fatto un post a questo proposito lunedì se non sbaglio. Grazie comunque per avermi pensata!
    Ma lo sai che ho una bottiglia uguale uguale a quella chec'è nella tua foto n.6??!!!Che bello! Buona giornata cara.

  3. I have to say that I almost envy you having a husband making lots of jam and good food! You are so lucky! My husband is great, but NOT a great cook or anything close to that!! Wishing you a happy weekend!! Your friend, Kristin :)

  4. tuo marito sa cucinare ??? sono invidiosa !!!
    ehehehe.. mi ricordo i tuoi primi post ,erano già bellissimi
    Baci, Flaviana

  5. Ciao Mara, ho visto un tuo commento sul blog di sweet as candy e la tua casa on line mi piace tantissimo! Se ti va, vienimi a trovare! Io ho un blog da tempo, ma ho cambiato "casa" solo da qualche giorno...un caro saluto, Anita Camilla

  6. Grazie Mara :-) ho appena trovato la mia foto n.6, non appena ho un attimo pubblico tutto!! :-)

  7. Oh thank you for the invitation!!! I like this game! Will try for the next time. Have a great weekend! Hugs Yvonne

  8. your interior photos are soooo lovely...i am sure yours will be as pretty. thanks for stopping by, mara. italy and tourism together sounds like a great life! you have a great weekend...coming back soon. maryann

  9. Such a lovely picture Mara, your home must be beautiful and cozy. It shows!!

    Wishing you a happy and most wonderful weekend!


  10. Awww, thank you for posting my giveaway, you are so sweet! And thanks for tagging me, this sounds like a fun game! I won't have to go back that far, either, lol! LOVE to you!!!

  11. Hi Mara
    why do you all call it #6?
    thanks for visiting me, I appreciate it alot.....nice picture too.

  12. Ciao Mara,
    questi post sono Fantasticiiiii!!!!
    Complimenti per il tuo Adorabile Blog è sempre un piacere guardare le meravigliose immagini che ci proponi!!!
    Grazie per i tuoi dolcissimi commenti!
    ti abbraccio
    Daniela "Dream Shabby Chic" Milano

  13. Hi Mara:) Thanks for inviting me to play this game, it looks like fun and I will certainly go back and find my #6, I have no idea what it was, but yours is so lovely!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  14. This blog game sounds like fun! First on your blog and love it!


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