At the Flea Market...

Yesterday it was a FANTASTIC day: sun shining in a blue sky! We decided to spend the morning at the flea market of Piazzola sul Brenta, which is a little town near where I live. This flea market is very big and important, it's the second for number of stands in Italy!

But it's very own peculiarity is that is held in front of a wondeful Venetian Villa: "Villa Contarini":

I was looking for:

...a chandelier for my new bedroom...

...outdoor French style forniture...

... a little bit of inspirations!

The Villa is stunning...

By the way, I buyed nothing -  as I promised to myself -, but found the perfect table for the kitchen! I asked the address to the seller and will go to meet him once my kitchen will be ready!

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  1. You have amazing willpower not to have bought anything there Mara...what a wonderful marketplace!

  2. No Mara, come hai fatto a non comprare nulla? Neanche una di quelle tazzine? Non posso crederci!Dovresti proprio insegnarmi un po' di autocontrollo!!
    E quelle sedie-trono in cuoio? Se le vedesse mio marito sarebbe la fine! Adesso mi metto in agenda questo prossimo quando sarà?Bacio

  3. What a fabulous looking market in a stunning setting. I spied some nice china and utdoor bits and pieces I would have been tempted by :)

  4. Mara,so che il posto è bello ma le tue foto lo fanno sembrare ancora di più!!Sei stata bravissima!!
    Ma come hai fatto a non comprare niente è un mistero.. tra le tante qualità hai ovviamente anche quella del SELF CONTROL!
    xx Flavi

  5. Ciao Mara! E' sì, i mercatini sono anche la mia passione e qui si vedono veramente delle belle cose..Anch'io sto cercando un lampadario di cristallo per la mia stanza, pensa che i miei nonni ne avevano uno bellissimo, ma i miei genitori ristrutturando la casa l'hanno buttato! Che rabbia!! Purtroppo non tutti sanno apprezzare..
    un bacio

  6. Oh how beautiful! I wish we had gorgeous markets like that to browse through! xx

  7. What a beautiful day you had, and so many lovely things to see!!!
    From what you share, I know your new home will be gorgeous!
    Happy week to you, Mara!

  8. It must be so inspiring to stroll through a gorgeous place like that! The architecture alone is stunning.

  9. So wonderful pictures! The flea market looks great! I would love to walk through all these fantastic stuff :-) Big Hugs Yvonne

  10. Wow Mara, such lovely things! I would have been in a lot of trouble if I were there :) Thanks for sharing, looks like we both had fun shopping this weekend!
    Take care
    Kristin XO

  11. What a gorgeous villa! How did you ever get away without buying anything? I think I would have needed a truck to take it all home. Such fun!

  12. Oh Mara, how I wish I was there i wouldn't go home. Such a lovely backdrop and such lovely items to drool over. thanks for sharing.

  13. Quante tentazioni!!!!
    Da me i mercatini sono un utopia....uffiiiii!!!
    Grazie per la bellissima carrellata di immagini, ti auguro un felice martedì.

  14. Mara!! This flea market is amazing!!! What gorgeous surroundings and amazing treasures for sale! I am so happy you found a table for your new home, can't wait to see it when you buy it:) Wishing you a wonderful week sweet Mara ~ Tina xx

  15. Your lovely pictures make me daydream of vacation. Your sweet corner in the world is so beautiful!
    Have a happy day, Mara. xx

  16. Dear Mara,
    First of all, thank you so much for coming over to see me and commenting and becoming a follower. After reading your post of the wonderful flea market, I can see that my last post was appropriate for you !!....seeing as your blog is called Home Shabby Home. I love your blog and will follow you and put you on my sidebar. I wish that we had such beautiful flea markets. I would be in heaven and spend too much money.
    My favourite country to go on holiday is Italy. We went to Florence and Venice two summer's ago and last year we went to the Amalfi Coast. This year we are thinking of going to Le Cinque Terre. It looks wonderful although, I think that it might be steeper than Amalfi !!!! I will have to get myself fit if we go !!
    Have a lovely week, Mara. XXXX

  17. Oh wow, Mara, amazing! I am sooo jealous, our market here has stuff like rusted-out old Pepsi signs, blah! You do have tremendous willpower, I am impressed!

  18. Hi Mara,
    It's me again ! We could go on like this all day !! haha.
    I just wanted to say thanks for confirming that Le Cinque Terre is indeed a lovely place for a holiday.. I do think that it looks gorgeous. and it's lovely to hear that you say it's nice there. Take care. XXXX

  19. Oh I love flea markets too! I used to live on the west coast where there were really great finds at the flea markets there. Where I'm living now there aren't any flea markets. You post reminded me of how fun they are! It was fun just to look at the all the pictures of the one you went to. Thanks for sharing them! :)


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