How has been your Easter week end? I spent Sunday with all the family in a big lunch together! I've eaten a lot and have received too many Easter eggs...I think I will make a cake with all that chocolate!
On Easter Monday in Italy it is tradition to have a picnic with friends, but the weather was horrible: it rained all Sunday night and the morning after it was grey and cloudy. So we stayed at home, relaxing, sleeping, sipping tea and eating chocolate!
I love to look at on-line boutiques and yesterday I discovered Mirabeu, which is a German shop with fantastic forniture!

Living Room:





All images from: Mirabeau

I've realized this post is quite long, I'm sorry! But I really enjoyed looking at the Mirabeau site and found so many inspirations!

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  1. Oh My! So many stunning items over here today!

  2. Ma che negozio è mai questo?? Ci voglio andare ! magari con un tir..sai per caricarci le 2-3 cose che mi piacciono..
    Che favola!!
    Ciao Mara, ci si "vede" eh?!

  3. Io mi associo a Flaviana così carico quelle 4 cose anch'io....Foto meravigliose!!!

    Bacio grande!!

  4. Ok, ragazze, prenoto un pulmino da 8 e partiamo!!!

  5. what beautiful pictures...love the bath tub and the table setting...thanks for sharing(:

  6. I love long posts when they are this beautiful! I'm off to visit their website - and I hope you have a wonderful day today!

  7. Long beautiful post! I love the bathroom pictures and that kitchen...I'm ready to move in!!!:)

    Hugs, Kristin (and I would love to go to Japan in the blossom period too!)

  8. Lovely pictures you are showing us.:-) Hug Stina

  9. Mara, everytime I visit your blog I see images that I want my house to look like!! You find the best images and stores! I love all of these pics. Thank you so much for sahring and for all the amazing inspiration. Hope you are having a lovely week ~ Tina xx

  10. Ciao Mara! :-) grazie per la tua visita, e per il tuo commento! Il tuo blog è molto bello e questo post... mamma mia non conoscevo Mirabeau ed è davvero meraviglioso! Mi piace il divano della 5^ foto, gli accessori per il bagno e la cucina è stupenda!
    Un bacione

  11. What can I say Mara, just divine!
    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos, very inspirational.
    Donna xx

  12. Wow...stunning! I love pale flowers and loved seeing them in so many of the pictures. I'm so glad I found your blog on SITS.

    b from http://www.notasparrowfalls.com/

  13. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures! Wow!

    Saw the pic of Audrey Hepburn on your blog page! She is one of my favorite actresses of all times! Love Roman Holiday!

    Hello from SITS!

  14. Adoro queste foto! Vorrei tanto avere una casa così. Ti devo fare una domanda: sto ristrutturando casa e in cucina vorrei mettere delle piastrelle personalizzate. Sul web ho sentito parlare bene di Ceramica e Complementi, che è un'azienda fiorentina. Tu mi sai dare un parere?


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