A farmhouse cottage in Cornwall

I've travelled all around Cornwall, alone, a summer of some years ago. Beautiful little cottages, amazing coastal scenery and delightful little villages...
...and wind... so much wind!!!

At that time I was a student travelling on a budget, but  how wonderful would be to stay in this lovely farmhouse cottage in the lush Ruthern Valley?

Look closely to the next image...

How lovely to have such a view over the sink!!! And if you don't have it, why not painting it? Yes it's a trompe l'oeil!! Love it!

The living room is so English-country-style-ish!

And the bedrooms so cosy!

But wait, a cat in the bathroom??? Eh Eh Eh! =)
You got it! It's another trompe l'oeil!!!

Have a Happy Sunday, my dearests!

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  1. O, Mara! This post shows an absolute DREAM HOUSE!!! How wonderful it is! And the fool-the-eye painting is superb. I would never have guessed that the kitchen sink wall was anything but the real thing!
    thanks fot the day brightener! Like a song that keeps playing in my head, I'll carry the vision of that farmhouse around with me all day.

  2. The kitchen window didn't fool my eye, but the cat on the bathtub did. What a darling little cottage! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love cottage in Cornwall.
    Thanks for sharing this beautifull pictures:)))

  4. What gorgeous pictures, Mara. Making me daydream of the holidays even more!!
    Hugs for a sunny Sunday. xx

  5. Such a lovely cottage Mara! I really love the nautical looking bedroom...especailly the wood walls. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!!! Deb

  6. All I can do is {sigh}! ~Stacey

  7. Lovely cottages Mara!
    Love the little cat painting on the wall i thought it was real!
    Pamela xo

  8. I love this! That pretty shelf on the cabinet is so cozy looking too.

  9. I love this, Mara! Just lovely, truly a dream! I love travelling alone, I don't do it anymore now that I'm married, but I used to love it so much, I think it can be so much more interesting! Good for you! XO!

  10. Mara, dolce Mara!
    Me l'ero perso questo post!
    Magnifica la prima foto, un sogno!
    Bacio bacio

  11. I love Cornwall too! I just stumbled on your site, visiting from your post on another blog. You have a wonderful blog and this posting of pictures is delightful, especially the trompe l'oeil!


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