Summer Dreams

Last week it was a very busy week and I had less time then usual for blogging. But my mind was working very fast and I have had a couple of ideas for my blog.


As I love all the seasons for many different ways and love to find beauty in every little thing, I have decided to dedicate the Monday post to the current season with pictures and words.
So now we are in the summer period:

Tomorrow I will post about my second idea..I just hope you like it!
Have a great new week!

*photo credits: here

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  1. Che bello Mara, sei piena di idee, io invece in questi giorni mi sento piatta... piattissimaa :-( mhà sarà il caldo?? comunque... vero "summer afternoon"... già mi fa star meglio!
    Un bacione grande

  2. Hi Mara, what sweet idea. I adore all your images! Perfect pretty pictures!!
    Hugs for a lovely week, Mara. Hope there will be a lot of sun in your beautiful corner of the world. xx and more xx

  3. Hello Mara! I love these photos and quote! So charming!! I hope your summer is full of smiles! :D
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  4. Che belle queste immagini, danno davvero l'idea del caldo e dell'estate che quest'anno sembra latitare un pò!!!!
    Baci Annamaria

  5. Meraviglia di immagini!
    E' una settimana pesantina anche per me, anzi scusa se sono stata un po' assente ultimamente!

  6. Ciao Mara,
    queste immagini sono un incanto!!!
    che voglia di sole di vacanze!!!
    Kissssssss ;)

  7. Hi Mara! I think this is a fabulous idea for your blog!! I love all the summer pictures you shared with pretty!
    Have a wonderful week~
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  8. Such a lovely post Mara, beautiful images and I agree a summers afternoon is a beautiful thing.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Donna xx


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