Ready, steady, go!

Yes! It's confermated! Tomorrow, Monday, the 15th March, will be the first day of works at our building yard!

My dad is more relaxed now that the works are going to start! ;) I've told you he was like addicted to the idea of building... To tell the truth, he was obsessed! In the last months he wok up every day saying to my mother: "This night I've tought that we can make this, or maybe it's better if we make that..." and so on ... every day...all day long!! Imagine: with the calculator in one hand and the other hand on his forehead he spent hours and hours thinking, projecting, writting, cancelling and re-writting!

Well, I'm making fun of him right now, but I have to say thank you to my wonderful dad for all the work he's made for us in these months! As my husband and I work and with my daughter to care about, we have very few time; my dad has given us a big hand! =)

This mornig I've taken these pictures: the first one is the front of my parents' house:

And this is the back, where the new building will be realized:

Yes, I know, it's NOT romantic... at all! But, please, try to imagine (try hard!), my new home just here! A white kitchen with a pergola outside, on the garden, a living room with a fireplace, a cosy bedroom filled with pillows.... I can see it! The adventure begins!

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  1. Buongiorno Mara, oggi è una giornata memorabile quindi! In bocca al lupo per l'inizio dei lavori, che fortuna avere dei genitori così eh ( ne so qualcosa, senza i miei forse sarei sotto il famoso ponte..!).Ma non è così difficile immaginare che la tua nuova casa sarà bellissima, hai stile e idee da vendere! Bacioni, Flaviana

  2. I think it will be very nice in that house.;-) Hug Stina


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