French style and creativity

Buongiorno! Allora, come avete
passato le Feste?
Io mi stò ancora riprendendo
dalle abbuffate...inoltre qui
il tempo non è stato clemente e ci
ha costretto in casa.
Grandi pranzi e grandi dormite,
ecco come sono passate le mie
festività pasquali!

Hello!!! So, how was your
Ester holidays?
I'm still trying to get
better after all that eating!
Moreover the weather wasn't fine
here, so we spent all our time at home.
Great lunches and great naps...
that was my Easter holidays!

Per riprendermi ecco le immagini
di una casa che mi ha fatto sognare...

To recover from these holidays, here you are
some images of a dreamy house...

E sabato siamo anche
invitati ad un matrimonio...
...altra abbuffata in vista!!!

And on Saturday we are also
invited to a wedding...another
big lunch for us!!!

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  1. I would LOVE for you to come link this up at my linky party "Cowgirl Up!", going on right now. Link up once, appear on 4 blogs.

  2. Wonderful style in this house...I especially smiled at the fabric "sock" on the lamp's electrical cord :)

  3. ehehheh...è il periodo delle abbuffate. Dopo la Pasqua mi aspetta la comunione di mia nipote...e vai!
    Belle immagine e qualche idea ispiratrice...

  4. I meet your blog by pinterest and I love it
    I'm very happy if you accept I present it on mine in "a sunday a blog"
    Thanks, happy to meet you

  5. What a great pictures! A house that only excist in my dreams....
    Have fun at the wedding!


  6. una casa bellissima.....

  7. how wonderful the house is, i like its design very much


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