I've found this house on Country Home. I like it for its simplicity.

White and some rustic forniture, that's what I love!

This home seems to me a warm cosy nest, where everything is simple and natural. A place where you wake up in a bed with white cute handmade linen, maybe from your granny's..

A place where for breakfast you have handmade bread with butter and a selection of sweet jams - obviously handmade.

A place where old forniture can tell the history of the family who lived there through the years.

A place where you don't have to hurry or run to the office, but simply take care of the house, the animals (oh yes I can see chickens, rabbits and some little goats in the backyard), some gardening...

...and relax in your patio!

Ok, this is just daydreaming, but sometimes I just want to escape from my city (which isn't really big, indeed) and go living in the country, or better, coming back to my mountains. One day, who knows...


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  1. Com'era???!! " I sogni son desideri...di felicità!"
    E te ne auguro tantissima, lì dove sei, in montagna, in campagna: ovunque!

  2. How beautiful Mara! I would live there, it is just gorgeous. I would sit outside on the patio with a glass of wine and my favourite magazines, just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet! xx

  3. Bellissime immagini Mara... adoro l'accostamento dei pavimenti color miele con il bianco!!
    Un bacione e buon 2 giugno!

  4. I can totally relate to your daydream similar to mine. A mix of old and new, serene and clean. Gorgeous editorial picks!

    It makes me sad that Country Home magazine is no longer being published. All of its editors were laid off and the magazine canceled by the powers that be. :( It cost a friend of mine her job.

  5. Desidero condivisibile!!!
    Buon pomeriggio Mara, Anna.

  6. Oh Mara I could daydream about sitting on that pation♥x

  7. I so miss that magazine. Do you get it where you live? Beautiful pictures. Yes, we can dream.

  8. Deaming is what it's all about, dear Mara.
    It gives us ideas for our own homes and, although we might not be able to have the dream, we can have a little slice of it !
    A beautiful home. I would live there in a heartbeat. XXXX

  9. Ciao Mara!
    I'm just rying a bit of otalian now!!!
    Thanks for sharing...there's always so much to see, doesn't it?
    Enjoy your week dear!
    Li :-)

  10. Love this! I love the white brick wall by the staircase and the garden, especially!

  11. One day I may end up in a cabin out in the woods. Away from the chaos of the city. Embracing the country life. Maybe we both will!

  12. What lovely inspiration photos! I wouldn't mind enjoying a glass of sparkeling lemonaide on that beautiful patio!

  13. I love a bit of daydreaming and those images are just perfect to inspire some lovely dreams.

  14. I love that bench at the foot of the bed & that outdoor dining spot is perfect!

    p.s. I am having a giveaway if you are interested, not sure if you already entered, (banes & noble) xo

  15. I'm DREAMING right there with you, Mara! You have exactly described the kind of energy that I LOVE in a home. Great pictures AND words, all!
    xx Suzanne

  16. I am daydreaming with you!!!


  17. Daydreaming is good, I love to daydream every now and then. Shall we have a cup of tea together on that lovely patio, Mara? We could have a little chit chat, now wouldn't that be nice. Hooray for Daydreaming!
    Sending a huge hug and a big kiss your way for a lovely evening and a happy Thursday. xx

  18. I love this home too Mara. It's stunningly simply beautiful.

  19. The first picture is my favourite. I would live there, it is just gorgeous.

  20. mi piace molto il tuo blog,Complimenti e tanti saluti da Tenerife!!!!

  21. Oh I agree, it is such a beautiful home. That second pic is one of my favourite bedroom pics ever. Hope you are having a wonderful week sweet Mara and hope you are having fun choosing your fireplace:) ~ Tina xx

  22. Oh Mara it is such a beautiful home with such a peaceful and serene feel to it


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