Discovering life every day

Lately I've tought a lot about how my life has changed since my little Sofia was born, last year. My daily habits have been completely trasformated: now I have to satisfy all her needs first, and arrange my day on the base of them.  Add to this a big lack of sleep and you've got a mom's everyday life! ;)

But the most amazing change is that now I'm discovering the world again with Sofia. Now everything is new and incredible.

- The day she was born -
The birds twittering, an elicopter in the sky, the rain, lightnings and thunders, the snow! How delightful is to walk on the snow?

- 5 months old -
What about the sea? oh what an amazing view!!! Water, water, water and waves, and sand under your feet - isn't it a funny feeling? - and that sound, the deep sound of the sea!

- 9 months old -
Even going bicycle is somenthing new!!! And how fun is ringing the bell? And running barefoot on the grass? Playing with the dog, cuddling the cat, feeding a fluffy rabbit, smelling the flowers! And what about soap bubbles? Girls, I have to be honest, I have re-discovered them and found they are so funny!!!!

 - This winter, 11 months old -
Every brand new experience of the world Sofia makes, is an incredible new adventure also for me.

- Yesterday, 16 months old -

Sofia yesterday turned 16 months old and I was thinking about how lucky I'm to be a mom, because thanks to Sofia I've learned that every single thing in this world is amazing and nothing has to be taken for granted.

 *Photos by me*

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  1. What a gorgeous post Mara and your daughter is soooo adorable.)Its funny how fast they grow each year my boys reach a different milestone in there life and each year I'm blessed to have them in my life.. so thank you for reminding me what treasures they are ..enjoy watching and sharing all Sophia's milestones because they grow to fast XXXX

  2. What a beautiful post. Your baby is so adorable.
    Amazing how being a Mom change change your life forever.

  3. Ciao Mara che bella la tua devo ancora diventare mamma "e lo spero presto"perchè per quanto ti cambia la vita all'inizio,le abitudini come dici te dopo quando cresce è un emozione tutto quello che fa lei e riscopri cose che prima non facevi caso!!
    un abbraccio

  4. Well said Mara! What a beautiful post! Your Sophia is adorable and such a blessing to you. What a wonderful mother you are! xx

  5. You have learned IT, Mara ~ the best secret about having children ~ YOU get to see the world, anew, through their eyes! And hopefully, forever after you will keep that feeling of seeing the world from fresh new eyes.
    Darling pictures! xx Suzanne

  6. Oh Mara, she is lovely! It is so true that you discover things again through your babies eyes. I wish I could go back to my kids babyhood and slow down, take more pictures and document more about them. We didn't have blogging back then (25 years)but I htink it is a great visual diary to remember their growing up.

  7. crescere con i propri figli è la migliore delle esperienze sapersi abbandonare a loro è la migliore delle scelte...congratulazioni mamma!

  8. Sofia is a darling!! I can imagine how you feel when she laughs at you that way....She's a lucky girl to have a sweet mother like you!! xx

  9. Oh Mara,
    What wonderful photographs of your beautiful daughter. It is so true that, once you have a baby, your life will never be the same again. ....and, Sofia has taken you back to enjoy many delightful things that we all forget when we get older.
    Enjoy every minute, Mara, as, they grow up so fast. XXXX

  10. Mara! ma la tua Sofia è un vero spettacolo! E'bellissima! Capisco bene e condivido in pieno quello che provi..qualsiasi cosa è una scoperta e anche noi vediamo il mondo con occhi diversi!
    Un baciotto a tutt'e due!

  11. Ohhh,what a beautiful baby,she`s adorable. :)))Hugs,hugs.

  12. Mara complimenti per quel gioiellino di Sofia!!!
    Penso che un figlio renda ogni donna migliore, perchè quando si cresce un figlio si cresce in due e molti degli egoismi personali vengono abbandonati per amore della nuova personcina!!!
    Baci ad entrambe, Annamaria

  13. What a sweet little angel you have=0) Thank you for posting pictures of her. I just love her wearing the hat and darling..


  14. Oh Mara, carissima Mara. Che meravigliose parole e che bella bimba felice la tua Sofia (tra l'altro un nome così delicato, così bello).
    Brava Mara!
    Bacione enorme a te e un bacino delicato alla piccolina!

  15. Oh, it's all so true! Discoveries every day; everything is fascinating!
    Your little Sofia is precious and, yes, you're lucky to be a mom!!

    Beautiful post.

  16. Beautiful "BELLA" Beautiful baby girl!!
    Enjoy every moment it goes by so quickly!!
    Pamela xo

  17. Oh dear Mara,
    your little honey is so cute!!! Lovely pictures!!! Big Hugs Yvonne

  18. Your little Sofia is just scrumptious! What a lovely post, that your little one will be able to look back on when she's a big, grown-up girl. My kids are teenagers now, but I do miss those days when they were tiny like your Sofia. Enjoy your little sweetheart! K xx

  19. Cucciolaaaaaaaa... che bella che è!! Essere mamma è la cosa più bella che possa esistere... si cambia, e tante cose che prima ci sembravano importanti ci rendiamo conto che non lo erano.. ora il nostro piccolo è la cosa più importante! :-)
    Un bacione

  20. Such a beautiful post Mara! Your little Sofia is an absolute Princess! Such a cutie:) I love to hear how you are enjoying the world through the eyes of your sweet daughter. As a Mum of 3 girls (my eldest is 14yrs old...) it never stops even when they are growing up. It really is an honour to be able to share the world with them at any age. You are such a wonderful Mama. Enjoy sweet Mara ~ Tina xx

  21. What a cutie. I think she is adorable. There is nothing quite like seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

  22. Questo post è dolcissimo e sono bellissime le cose che hai detto! Spero anch'io un giorno di poter godere dello splendido dono che è poter essere mamma!
    Un bacio, Eleonora.

  23. What a blessing, she is gorgeous! It's such a wonderful time to relive through your childs eyes!

  24. che belo questo post, hai ragion niente va preso per scontato!

    Buona settimana

  25. Hello Mara

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your ovely comments. Devon is a beautiful county, I am glad that the pictures of Devon are brought back memories of living there.

    Your little Sofia is incredibily sweet! You are so right, when a child is growing up you start seeing the world through their eyes.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  26. Hello Mara....!

    Your little Sophia is a CHERUB & she looks like such a happy baby....THANK YOU for sharing your lovely pics with us....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  27. She's a doll!! Little ones are the greatest of joys!

  28. ma che patatona! Questa topina è bellissima!!!
    Spero di diventare mamma prestissim!O


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