Knock, knock.....who's there? Yes! I'm back!

Hello my dearests!!!!
guess who's back from a super-relaxing holiday?
Yes!!!! Me!!!

I arrived yesterday evening

and now:

my house is a mess...

my washing machine is working hard and hard...

the ironing basket is so full I'm afraid all the clothes will collapse invading all the laundry room...

But I just wanted to send a big hug to you all!!!

Thank you for your comments and thank you to the new followers who joined me even thought I was away!!!

Now I'm going to check all your fab blogs and say "hi" to all of you!

This is a very short post and I still have to organize all my holidays' photos, 'cause I want to share them with you!

So in the next days I will tell you about what I did during these days.
Nothing so special, no great adventures or long trips in a far-away destination...

...just walks in the woods picking flowers and berries,

little feet in cold mountains waters,

cooking cakes while outside was raining...

and more little precious moments!!

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  1. Welcome back Mara. You sound refreshed and relaxed :)

  2. Welcome back! You have been missed;)

  3. Che bello che sei tornata :-)
    Ci sei mancata! Hai visto che ho pubblicato il mio primo giveaway? Se ti va mi farebbe piacere ci fossi anche tu a partecipare!!!!
    Un abbraccio

  4. Welcome back sweetie!! I have missed you while your were away, but am looking forward to hearing all about your holiday:) Don't get lost under that pile of washing!! Hugs ~ Tina xx

  5. Welcome home from what sounds a lovely holiday, simple pleasures are so very often the most precious. I will look forward to seeing the photos meanwhile good luck with the ghastly chores :(

  6. Hi Mara,
    Welcome back! We have not yet met here in Blogland, but I'm one of your new followers while you where away, so if you want, come visit me, I'm not too far away, on the Swiss Blogside. Have a nice day,


    I have missed you and your beautiful photo's.
    I'm back for a 10 days now, and the weather is gray here, I don't like it. But if I see you photo, the sun is shinning ☼
    success with washing

  8. Glad you're back, Mara! Looking forward to your vacation photos.

  9. Welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful time.

  10. Bentornata carissima! Mi sei mancata molto..non vedo di vedere le foto!
    Un abbraccio

  11. Welcome back, I can't wait to see your pictures and I don't blame you at all for not taking your lap top!


  12. Vorrei chiederti perchè essendo italiana scrivi il tuo blog unicamente in inglese?

  13. Beautiful blog! I am your newest follower. Cannot wait to come back.

    Melanie @ The Frosted Gardner

  14. Welcome back my Italian friend!
    I missed you!!
    Pamela xo

  15. Mara you're BACK safe & sound....THRILLED to see a new post from you.... :o) !

    I hope you & your family had a WONDERFUL break....I can't wait to hear all about it....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  16. I just found your blog and I adore it. Oh and my 12 yr old daughter is named Mara also. Its not everyday I hear that beautiful name. :)

  17. Ciao Anonimo scrivo in inglese perchè così riesco a raggiungere anche amiche lontane: in America, NZ, Austarlia, GB.
    Avevo cominciato il blog scrivendo in entrambe le lingue (italiano e inglese), ma mi sono fermata perchè purtoppo mi portva via molto tempo. Però se mi dici che più di qualcuno preferirebbe anche l'italiano oltre all'inglese, potrei impegnarmi e magari da settembre farlo!

  18. Lovely blog you have got, I will be back for sure.


  19. sono sempre io..avrei più piacere a leggerti in italiano,ma ti spiego anche il perchè! Conosco l'inglese,lo capisco benino,ma quando mi siedo al pc e "giro" per i blog mi rilassa molto leggerli nella mia lingua,magari dopo una giornata faticosa non sempre ho voglia di tradurre nel mio cervello.Spero di essermi spiegata. Devo dirti con tutta sincerità (non ti offendere) che spesso evito di aprire il tuo spazio proprio per questa ragione.Peccato! ciao buona serata:-)

  20. Beautiful pictures! You have some great stuff.


  21. Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday, always nice to recharge. Trouble is you never get a holiday from the housework in the end do you!

  22. Ciao Mara!
    Che bello ritrovarti e grazie mille per le tue parole.
    Non vedo l'ora di vedere le foto delle tue bellissime vacanze...dalle tue parole devono essere state veramente rilassanti.
    Bacione e strizzone,

  23. Yay! I'm glad you're back! :)


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